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I've always been an active, fit, momma but have never made my fitness a priority until after my third pregnancy.  I stayed very active during my pregnancy, having only gained 30 lbs and was working out 3-5x/week.  I loved the energy that I had and wanted to continue that after I had my baby.    I maintained that weight for a while and started to increase my lifting, pushing harder and continued to eat clean.  I shared a lot of my fitness journey on Instagram and was getting good feedback that my story was motivating and inspiring to others.  I loved hearing that because of what I was doing, it was helping others get the motivation they were looking for, after that baby, during their pregnancy, and during their fitness journey too.

I decided when Anniston was 5 months old, that I wanted to join Beachbody as a coach so I could take my desire to motivate and help others reach their fitness goals to the next level.  I found an amazing coach, jumped into her 60 day challenge group with 21 Day Fix & Shakeology and started my coaching journey.  A couple months later I had several people in a challenge group, I was going strong and getting great results.  I began to look into competing in a bikini competiton.  I found a show right down the street on April 4th and decided it was for me.  December 4th I began Body Beast to start building muscle and ease into an 8 week hardcore bulking/cutting program.

 It was the end of January when I weaned Anniston and shortly after I began to modify my caloric intake, increasing for my lifting needs and adding an extra protein shake in.  My competiton on April 4th was amazing!  The show was one of the biggest in the country and I had 25 other girls in my class alone!  Although I didn't place, I decided I would try to build a little muscle and do another on June 27th!  I've met so many people on this journey so far and have helped so many reach their fitness goals.  I run monthly accountability groups to help keep people on track, we focus on eating clean/healthy and working out daily and it has been so completely rewarding!  I've truly found a passion in this and look forward to what is next!

If you're interested in becoming a Beachbody coach or starting your own fitness journey in one of my challenge groups, please complete the following application.  I look forward to helping you achieve the best version of yourself!  

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