Thursday, June 15, 2017

3 Week Summer Sweat- June 19 - July 10

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Summer goals!  You've heard that phrase- summer bodies are made in the winter... what's made in the summer?  Healthy habits are made in the summer- with a little bit of balance and moderation too.  

For me, summer  used to be a free-for-all.  Cocktails.  BBQ's.  Travel.  Wine.  Treats.  Snacks.  Ice cream... all summer long.  And come September I was feeling the bloat of a summer of throwing all caution to the wind and saying yes to everything.  

beach, yoga, headstand, summer, sweat, workout, fit, mom, goals, punta cana, We've all been there... work your butt off during the winter and spring months to gear up for swimsuit shopping only to blow all that hard work on that first big beach trip and drinking too many piña coladas and eating all of the crab legs- with extra butter.  And a side of ice cream sundae.  
I'm kicking off my Summer Sweat Series- two 3-round groups dedicated to creating that healthy balance- just 30 minutes a day devoted to a heart pumping workout, better nutrition, the simplest of meal plans, and still enjoying the joys of summer.  No gain, no pain.  

Our first group launches June 19th with a sneak peek of a BRAND NEW fitness program that will be released in July and goes until July 10th.  Our second round will launch with said brand new fitness program on July 17th and will be dedicated to getting you continued results and improving that nutrition too.  


- 12 months of UNLIMITED access to hundreds of workout programs streamed digitally from your iPhone, iPad, SmartTV, Apple Watch, and multiple other streaming devices 
- An EXCLUSIVE private app to log/track your progress, measurements, workouts, and give you continued accountability for life 
- Weekly Meal Plans with recipe links 
- Summer Recipes- food and cocktail 
- A set of Color-Coded portion containers for easy meal planning
- A private group setting with others focusing on similar goals and getting results 
- A complimentary T-Shirt for completing a fitness program
- A chance to win up to $100,000 for submitting your before/after results 

- 30 Complete Nutrient Dense Meals in Shakeology- your choice of flavor- my GO-TO for daily nutrition, my fitness competition easy meal, post workout protein, and ab maker   OR
- One month supply of 100% Natural- Beachbody Performance Protein- whey protein isolate and a month supply of PreWorkout Energize- low dose caffeine naturally flavored set to improve your workout focus and endurance

In addition, you will get my unlimited support as your coach for a lifetime, first dibs on any of my future accountability and themed groups, and encouragement, support, and feeling AMAZING in your skin and rocking that confidence all summer long.

To secure your spot, please complete the following application.  Spots filled on a first-come first-served basis.

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