Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring into Summer- 30 Day Health & Fitness Bootcamp

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We’ve all been there.  

We said January 1 would be the start date.  Anticipated a perfect beginning of the year with getting into a fitness routine, eating a little better, and would be rocking those results come summer.  And then St. Patty’s Day happened, and we drank a few beers.  Then Easter happened… Why do those Reese’s eggs have to taste SOOOOOO good.   And here we are nearing summer and thinking, CRAP!  I have to do something to get back on track!  

I just found myself feeling that same way.  That little extra squish that I didn’t want to have to eliminate this late in the game came creeping in again… Ugh.  Now what… 

And we all know this summer will be filled with Memorial Day BBQ’s and vacations and trips and outdoor cookouts, and creating that healthy balance is so very important.  Working on putting some habits into place that will last through the summer and getting into that unshakable groove.  That’s not too much to ask for, right?  

Our 30 day Spring Into Summer - Health & Fitness bootcamp launches April 23rd and we’ll be focusing (and refocusing) on putting those habits into place that will stick through the summer and leave us feeling like a rockstar come the day the pools open!  

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  • - 30 days of daily check-ins and accountability.  
  • - 30 days of meal plans 
  • - 30 days of nutrition tips and healthier recipes 
  • - 30 days of replacing one meal with powerhouse Shakeology to kick those sweets cravings and boost our energy levels, especially to power through workouts
  • - 12 MONTHS (not a typo) of UNLIMITED access to hundreds of workouts on an app you can stream from your phone, TV, iPad, etc for NO EXCUSE simplicity- all for less than $0.10/day- for the entire year! 
  • - 30 days of more energy & better health
  • - Rocking a month of consistency for more confidence! 

You’ll be surrounded with other women on similar journeys- we run a pretty kick ass group!  Support and encouragement not just for these 30 days but access to all of my future groups for maintenance, continued support, and long-term results.  Lose anywhere from 5-20lbs, increase your muscle tone, sculpt and carve out your midsection, and target and tighten up those trouble spots. 

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Complete the following application in the comments to secure your spot.  Spots are now open for 10 women who are ready to commit to achieving some great results!   

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