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Punta Cana Success Club Trip 2017- Dream a Little Bigger

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I remember opening that email.  I remember having to do a double take.  Asking my husband, "Is this real life?!"  And it was...

You see, I set a goal the year prior that I would earn this trip and have it fully paid for.  For both myself and my husband- as a little honeymoon that never happened.  I'd been dreaming about this trip my whole life. Wanting the Caribbean vacation, whisked away with my husband to paradise- a dream since I was a little girl watching Father of the Bride and imagining the big, lavish wedding and leaving to go on the trip of a lifetime.

Well, life, three kids, nursing school, changing careers, a husband who travels for work, it all tends to get in the way and as we approach 9 years of marriage this year, we were almost wondering if we'd get the chance to do this before our ten year.   But this little side hustle, this little coaching thing I do on the side, this part-time work-from-home, life-changing business has made that dream come true.

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About 2.5 years ago I took a leap.  I knew I wanted more.  I knew there was something bigger I was meant to do.  I wasn't quite sure of it, but I had that voice in the back of my head telling me there was a passion out there calling my name.  Yes, I was a mom to 3 littles, still breastfeeding, wanting to get my body back after baby number 3, embarking on full-time nursing school, and juggling the chaos of life, studying, and seeing my husband travel for work amid all of this.   I was exhausted.  So I decided to become an entrepreneur on top of it all.  Busy people get shit done, am I right?

I didn't know a thing about coaching.  I just new that I was tired of being tired.  I was depressed.  I had anxiety.  I wasn't myself.  And I needed a change.  So I dove in.  I started working out from home 30 minutes each day, drinking a shake that gave me the energy I needed to get stuff done when before I wanted to nap.  I began to see my abs.  I began to feel like myself again.  I began to notice a transformation, not physically but mentally as well and it felt amazing.  And I wanted to inspire others to do the same.  So I did.  I began coaching, sharing my journey with those around me, supporting others who had the desire to do the same and encourage others to begin their own journeys and seek out and work for their own transformations.  What I found was this amazing business, this incredible company with a mission of helping people.  I found my calling.  I was surrounded by a network of amazing women, chick bosses, who were rocking a business based on love and support.  And refusing to settle.  And my soul was on fire!

I quickly chose to grow this business, and began to see other women on my team, in our monthly groups, get results, feel amazing, and begin supporting and encouraging each other.  So I set a goal.  Help 3-5 women each month.  Help them get the results that I was getting.  Earn a trip like this.  And have it paid for in full.  For both of us.  And when that email came through, when we secured our spot for this all inclusive trip for both of us, and through my hard work our balance was $0 to be paid, it was a dream.

We boarded the plane this past Sunday and set off for paradise (a big thanks to my parents watching our girls for 5 days!) and it was everything we dreamed it would be and then some.  Greeted with drinks when we stepped off the airport shuttle at the resort, a full out buffet fit for royalty, a room with a balcony, the biggest jacuzzi tub we've seen, a constantly restocked in-room bar, chocolates on our pillows, and complimentary resort credit to fulfill our every need.  The couples massage was wonderful, by the way.  Total spa treatment all included. 

Not only did we spend our first day on a catamaran out at sea, swimming with sharks, holding a stingray, snorkeling on the reef, but we spent our days on the beach or at one of the many resort pools just soaking it all in, the sun, the sand, the Caribbean air, the opportunity to be there in that moment, together.  Being with our kids all day, being parents, being pulled at in every direction, it was unbelievably nice to push any cares away and just focus on being together.  It was much needed.  Lavish dinners at 5 star resort restaurants filled our evenings and spending some time with some amazing women I work with online and don't see all that often made it a trip for the books. 

fitness, chris downing, shift shop, beachbody, trip, punta cana, results, ashley roberts, fitness, workout21 day fix, autumn calabrese, ashley roberts, coach, life, beachbody, fitness, support, dreamIt wasn't all play though.  I did earn a spot to meet two of our celebrity trainers for my hard work earlier this month and to meet them both then workout with them both was just what this girl needed. And my husband who works so diligently to take care of us all was able to relax, have some down time, and just soak it in too.  To say it was surreal is an understatement. 

beach, headstand, yoga They say the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.  It's true.  I fully believe if you dream it, if you maintain a positive outlook, keep your head down, focus, and work hard, you can absolutely achieve the unimaginable.  Where I feel pretty accomplished for reaching this goal, I'm not finished yet.  There is much, much more to come.  We're registered and reserved our spot for next year's trip to Rivera Maya and I can't wait to see what the next 12 months holds for us, for me, for this business, and for our lives.  I couldn't do any of this without the support of my amazing husband, my family, those who have entrusted me to help them succeed in reaching their health and fitness goals, and to the amazing tribe of women who continue to uplift and encourage me each day to keep dreaming bigger. 

future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream

Dream big, my friends.  Have faith.  God is good.

I am currently hiring 3 women who want to dream a little bigger, who want to pursue a business in health and fitness, and who want to chase after their dreams.  My new coach training academy begins on the first Monday of the month.  Please complete the following application to be considered for a spot in my New Coach Apprenticeship.

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