Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Turn Your Fitness Your Business: Building A Successful Coaching Business From Home

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After my 3rd pregnancy I needed a change. My body wasn't bouncing as fast as I expected it would, despite having a pretty fit and active pregnancy.

I was HAULING 3 kids to & from the gym, one was a tiny baby, and I was putting in an hour of work each time, and being pulled from my workouts to nurse a baby or change a diaper, and just couldn't get into the groove.

On top of that I was going back to nursing school full-time... my life was CHAOS. I was depressed, stressed, unhealthy, eating like garbage, and just didn't feel good about the frustrated, chaotic, anxious person that I was. I kept seeing this mom on social media posting about her health and fitness, her simplified workouts, and her ability to be a MOM first and incorporate workouts from home and build a business based on fitness and inspiring other moms to do the same. I was intrigued. And I wanted more. I didn't want to miss out on that time with my kids and I still wanted to get results so I needed a change...

I knew I needed to work on me first, but if I could inspire others along the way, grown an income from home, pay for my nursing school, my groceries, the little extras, it would be worth every additional effort. So I went all in. I became a coach in September 2014 and have never looked back. I started with a fitness program and I began incorporating Shakeology. Yes I was breastfeeding exclusively. Yes it is safe. I spent a whole 30 minutes each day working out and in one month I had better results than the last 4 months I'd been putting in at the gym, for an hour each time. In 2 months I had abs. I FELT AMAZING. My postpartum struggles melted away. My energy levels increased. I became much more confident in who I was.

I began accountability groups for some friends/family to help with personal fitness and nutrition goals and soon I saw my business begin to grow. There is nothing quite like the support of other women, encouraging, empowering one another, and showing up each day despite the daily struggles of life. I began building a business incorporating workouts, support groups, and just connecting with other women who like me had goals to get in better shape, feel better in their own skin, find support, create new healthier habits, and just live life.

Coaching has been something for me that has reshaped my purpose, has given me some amazing friendships, has helped me show my daughters the importance of making time for yourself, and has given us so many opportunities. Paying our bills each month. Putting me through nursing school. Travel/trips, little extras for our kids, throwing things in the cart at Target and not worrying about the price. And most importantly, allowing me to be an inspiration to so many and seeing other women achieve their goals and feel amazing in their skin.

Join my team Wednesday night as I share with you the in's and out's of what building a fitness business from home looks like and how you can make this possible as well.

Click the link HERE to join our live event.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you and inviting you to be a part of our team and helping you build your own successful coaching business from home.

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