Sunday, February 26, 2017

Best Year Yet 6 Week Bootcamp - Starts March 13th

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Well. 2017 started out strong. Nutrition was on point. Workout routine was stellar. Then life happened. Real world crept back in and even though I started strong, I've been pretty weak as of lately. Easily tempted. Too much 20 and not enough 80... it's been more like 60/40... and this weekend, 50/50 at best! I just looked at my calendar- our Punta Cana trip is less than 2 months away. So knowing I'm going to be WHOOPING myself into gear - a 6 week bootcamp in prep for the beach is in order- and I want to bring YOU with me.

My 6 WEEK BOOTCAMP is going to start on March 13th and I'm opening up room for 15 women who want to reclaim 2017, get in the habit of making fitness and nutrition a priority, and still allowing room for indulging. And make this your BEST YEAR YET!

Better health, better nutrition, and amazing results- for 2017. Healthier habits- long term results. This is commitment and support every step of the way. These are THE workouts I love that helped me get started and getting amazing results. This is the nutrition plan I use DAILY. This is why I continue to see my clients get consistent results from putting in the work as little as 2% of their day.

No quick fix.
No pills/patches/or whatever else...
No excuses.
No calorie/points/macro counting.
Simple clean eating.
Support... and a little tough love- bootcamp style if that's what you need!
Oh, and yes, you can have your wine & chocolate too!

You'll have me as your personal coach and motivator, not just for 3 weeks, or 6 weeks, but for as long as you need me, my support, and our groups.

Complete the application in the comments below or send me a private message to hold your spot. No more excuses. This is 2017. This is our year. Let's get serious!

There are tons of Wufoo features to help make your forms awesome.

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