Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Destin Leadership Retreat 2016 Recap

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Words can't begin to describe the awesomeness that was my recent 4 day trip to Destin for our Beachbody Leadership Retreat.  As a busy momma to 3 young girls, a recent nursing school graduate, and a wife to a busy, traveling husband, it was clear that I needed a vacation away and this was more than what I needed, just for my body, mind, and soul.  There's something about being around a group of people with similar goals, positive attitudes, and a desire to commit to inspiring others to meet their needs.

coach, beachbody, perks, friendship, destin, leadership, retreat, support, 21 day fix, ashley robertsI recently celebrated my 2 year anniversary of becoming a Beachbody coach and honestly when I started I didn't really know what that meant.  I didn't know that I would soon grow some amazing friendships with women all over the country.  I didn't understand that by becoming a coach I would have the ability to grow an income from home, pay for my nursing school, and be able to do something that I love while being with my babies.  I wasn't aware that by running monthly support and accountability groups for fitness and nutrition- I would continue to help hundreds of women lose weight, feel amazing, get their bodies back after babies, and regain confidence that a network of women supporting and encouraging one another to succeed would do.
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 I knew after baby number 3 I needed a change, something that was going to rock my world for fitness.  I found that within the programs.  And I'm in the best shape of my life.  I needed a boost for my nutrition, my energy levels, and something that was going to help my mood after dealing with some postpartum depression.  I found that in Shakeology and combined with taking 30 minutes each day to myself I became so much happier and healthier.

dream team, coach, opportunity, business, fitness, mom, boss, beach, destin, leadership, job I began to connect with my team and really experience the unity and togetherness of being a coach and having an incredible support system.  I was invited to attend this year's Dream Team leadership retreat hosted by the top coach in the company and experience the amazingness of what this company is all about.  A network of women (and men too!) dedicated to helping other people achieving healthy lifestyles.  Selfless, unwavering support and dedication to seeing our clients meet their goals and helping our newer coaches get started on the right track by duplicating our leadership to those around us.

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Yes we had some amazing trainings from corporate.  Some eye-opening, game-changing insights into how to build a better business, how to share this opportunity with more people.  But mostly we relaxed.  We laid on the beach.  We were spoiled with a professional photographer Shines Photography flown in from CA for individual photo shoots.  We celebrated successes.  We vented about struggles.  We ate tacos.  We BBQ'd.  We had margaritas.  We had dance parties and drove around listening to 90's music singing at the top of our lungs like it was our job!  We did Pineapple Beach Olympics (my arms are still burning from that epic tug of war!) and we built stronger friendships and relationships. We were able to take the time to just be us.  To appreciate where this company has taken us and to solidify our vision for where it will continue to take us in the future.  This company is about helping others whether it's with fitness or nutrition or building a team or leadership or just being there to support each other period.

destin, beach, friends, coach, life, sand, florida, fun, job, perks, ashley roberts, fit, mom There's no specific job description or requirement to be a coach.   Whether it's start on your own journey.  Inspire one other person.  Build a team.  Build an income.  Retire from your job.  Get your body back.  Fit into those old jeans.  Change your life or change many.  I can tell you, since becoming a coach I've been happier, healthier, my habits extend through my family, we've made positive changes.  I'm a better wife and mother.  I've read more books.  I've gained so many more friends & strengthened friendships.  I feel a part of something bigger and it's a really good feeling.  

If you're interested in learning more about becoming a coach on my team or have any questions about coaching, please complete the application below.  My new coach mentorship programs begin on the 1st Monday of every month and I would love to have you join us.  

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