Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Calling All MOMMA's! 30 Day Fitness & Clean Eating Group!

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It's all about you!  Starting May 16th I'm offering a pamper yourself fit- strong mom accountability group!
30 days of workouts designed for a busy momma, meal planning for a healthy family, and mom support, encouragement, humor, and healthy cocktail recipes because let's face it, sometimes we need a cocktail after a day of crazy kids! 

Included in this 30 day group you get:

πŸ’– Weekly Meal Plan
πŸ’– Fitness Program (DVD & wifi streaming)
πŸ’– 30 Energy Packed Meals
πŸ’– Daily Motivation
πŸ’– One-on-one Coaching
πŸ’– Bonus Online Workouts
πŸ’– Family friendly recipes
πŸ’– Crockpot Meals
πŸ’– Healthy cocktails
πŸ’– Fitness & Nutrition Tips

Whether you want to lose 5 lbs or 50, It's important to carve out time from your day to take care of you and meet your goals!  Taking that first step, getting started, is key, and I'm here as a fellow mom who struggles, to help you every step of the way.  You deserve to be pampered and feel amazing!  

I'm filling spots for 10 women and as an added bonus I'm giving you a chance to win a spa gift card for added pampering!

Complete my application below to hold your spot.  

There are tons of Wufoo features to help make your forms awesome.

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