Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Here's To The Women...

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Here's to the women who rise and grind.  May your rise continue to be early and your grind be strong. 

Here's to the women who wear calluses on their hands.  May your weights continue to be heavy and your grip be strong, like your soul.  

Here's to the women with spit up and breast milk stains on their sports bras.  May your love for your body be fierce like your love for your children whom you carried in it, whether in your belly or in your heart. 

Here's to the women who eat.  Who nourish their bodies, with leftover kids pbj, or cheese, or tofu, or a big juicy steak.  May your appetite continue to be hearty like your passion for a healthier you.  

Here's to the women who put themselves first.  Who push to be a happier mommy, wife, friend, daughter, because YOU deserve time for YOU and it's OK to be selfish and you know that.  

And here's to the women who fight.  Who fight for their body.  Their beliefs.  Their goals.  Their passions.  Their lives.  Because there is no strength greater than a determined woman.  

As a momma to three, a wife, a nursing student, busy lady, and health and fitness coach, I make my health and my family's health a priority.  I also believe in helping other women get strong, healthy, and fit through nutrition and fitness.   I run monthly support groups to help you get in better shape and learn the ins and outs of eating clean, and regain that love for yourself that may have gotten lost along the way of life, kids, family, career.  I am always welcoming new members and love hearing your story.  I would love to work with you and help you meet your goals! 

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