Sunday, December 20, 2015

Peppermint Mocha Martini (Without the Guilt)

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Tis the season.  Holiday parties.  Booze. Snacks.  Booze.  Snacks.  It's never ending until January.
We're taking matters into our own hands this year, we hosted our own Christmas party, and the former bartender in me had been dying to stretch my legs and make some yummy drinks.  
I had two in mind.  This one is a good one.  I can't lie.  I'm a coffee creamer junkie, and my two favorites are peppermint mocha and gingerbread.  I wanted to recreate a similar flavor, in a blended or shaken martini, without the guilt.  I'm pretty pleased with the way these turned out.  I used a little Shakeology in this peppermint mocha for some extra flavor, creaminess, and because I want my martini to deliver in more ways than one. Nutritious.  Immune booster.  Pre and probiotic.  These went perfect with the friends, laughs, and conversation at our party this weekend, and I'm looking forward to sipping one on Christmas Eve while putting the finishing touches on the wrapping and watching It's a Wonderful Life, our tradition.  I hope you enjoy the deliciousness of these holiday martinis!


Chocolate flavored vodka
Godiva Dark Chocolate liquor
Vanilla unsweetened almond milk
Peppermint extract
Hershey's Dark Chocolate Cocoa Powder
1/4 scoop chocolate Shakeology (optional)
Crushed Candy Canes


In a large shaker add ice, one shot of vodka, one shot of Godiva liquor, one cup of vanilla almond milk, a few drops of peppermint extract, a tsp of cocoa powder, and 1/4 scoop of Chocolate Shakeology (optional).
Separately, crush several candy canes and pour onto a plate.  Moisten the rim of a cocktail or martini glass and roll the rim in the candy canes.
Shake shaker until frost forms on the outside, 15-30 seconds.  Strain into two glasses.  Enjoy!  

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