Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hammer and Chisel Official Launch!!!

You know me.  Ok, maybe not all that well.  Or maybe you're new to my blog and you don't know me at all.  Welcome!  Let me share with you a little something, in case you haven't gathered it yet.  I love to workout but I didn't always feel this way.  It's been a recent journey- less than 3 years since I really started going to the gym.  I had a baby in between, too.  Actually I've had three but one since I really started working out.  I've always been skinny.  I decided last summer after my 3rd baby that I didn't want to be skinny anymore.  I wanted to be fit.  So I took a leap and did 21 Day Fix which also lead to 21 Day Fix Extreme.  I fell in love.  I got really great results and was really pleased to see my body changing, especially with a program that I could do at home with my 3 crazy kids running around and climbing on me.  Fast forward 3 months.  I wanted to build muscle.  I wanted to have bigger arms, thicker legs, I wanted to look athletic. So I started Body Beast.  And get this... my husband joined me.  We committed to working through it together.  We started to see our bodies changing and even though we were both in good shape before, this led us to doing our first competition together.  We had more energy.  We ate healthier.  We felt better, a lot of things were better!  :D   One year later and we're in the best shape of our lives, at age 32 and 35.  With 3 kids.

hammer and chisel, beachbody, fitness, programs, release, launch, test group, exclusive, bikini competitor, healthy, muscles, fit, body beast, 21 day fix So to say I'm excited about the launch of this new program Hammer and Chisel, would be an understatement!  This is a program you can do alone, or as a couple.  It combines my two favorite at-home trainers, Autumn Calabrese behind 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme and Sagi Kalev, behind Body Beast.  This program is going to be a game changer!  I've been doing the sneak peek workouts for the past couple months and I'm already in love.  And let me tell you why...

Autumn and Sagi combine their talents to give you the ability to sculpt your body in 60 days using stability, strength, and power lifting combinations that help burn up fat and give you that sculpted muscle appearance.  This is similar to training I do in the weeks leading up to a competition.  Workouts that push you, give you endurance, and you can feel your body changing as you're doing them.  Getting stronger.  Feeling leaner.  Reaching those goals!

Here's what you need:  

  • Dumbbells of various weights depending on your fitness level (I personally use 5 to 30 lbs) 
  • Weight bench or stability ball
  • A chin up bar or resistance band
Here's what you get:  
  • 12 workouts all 30-40 minutes on 6 DVD's
  • 7 color coded portion control containers (think 21 Day Fix)
  • A shaker cup 
  • A 60 day calendar & quick start guide 
  • A complete nutrition plan that's easy to follow (and can be customized to build or lean out)
  • 2 Bonus workouts: 10 minute Ab Hammer and 10 minute Ab Chisel 
strength, strong, fitness, hammer and chisel, the masters, beachbody, coach, muscles, workout, bikini competitor, body beast

Starting December 14th...
In addition, I will provide you with daily motivation, accountability, sample menus, meal planning, support, and fitness tips.  So how do you reserve your spot in my test group and start getting that sculpted body in 60 days?

First, create a TeamBeachbody account here if you haven't yet.

Complete my private application below so I can get to know you better and help you meet your current goals.

You can also head over to my Facebook page and message me to hold your spot for my exclusive test group.

This is what my husband and I will be up to for the next 60 days.  Before pictures are taken.  We're ready to rock!  We'd love to have you join us!

*If you are already working with a coach, please contact your coach to see about their current challenge groups.

There are tons of Wufoo features to help make your forms awesome.

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