Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dark Chocolate Shakeology Granola Bars

It's 10:00 pm.  Do you know where your husband is?

Mine's in the pantry.  Eating something with peanut butter.  If it's not him it's me.  Usually I need chocolate too.  

So I needed a solution.  Something that would make for a good "late night bite" without feeling like I'm ruining the days nutrition.  Sorry Ben and Jerry, but you guys don't play fair.  

Last night I whipped these up and stick them in the fridge.  My girls loved them for breakfast and I'm snacking on one as we speak.  Hopefully I'll have some left when my husband gets home from his trip tomorrow!   

Dark Chocolate Shakeo Granola Bars

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2 scoops chocolate Shakeology
1/2 c peanut butter
1 tsp dark chocolate cocoa powder
2 c old fashioned oats
1/2 c vanilla unsweetened almond milk
1 tsp cinnamon 


Mix oats, Shakeology, cocoa powder and cinnamon in a large bowl until combined. Add milk and peanut butter.  Stir well.  Using a spatula, spread into a small glass baking dish sprayed with cooking spray (I used a 6x8- a pie pan would work ok too).  Cover with plastic wrap and press down evenly. Refrigerate for 4-6 hours.  Slice and enjoy!  

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