Monday, July 6, 2015

Southwest Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (vegetarian)

Oh how I love Meatless Monday dinners!  For our family it can be a challenge to come up with a healthy, flavorful meat free meal that my husband (a meat and potatoes guy) will eat and enjoy!  This was a huge hit the first time I made it, so today after starting another round of 21 Day Fix Extreme I wanted to kick off with a Fix friendly dinner that still felt like a "cheat meal"!   These loaded sweet potatoes are excellent for keeping that full feeling afterward without the harsh effects on your waistline!

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4 small/medium sweet potatoes  
1/2 cup black beans, cooked
1/2 cup corn, cooked
4 tbsp low fat plain Greek yogurt
4 tbsp low fat shredded cheese (optional)  
1/2 avocado, chopped
Fresh cilantro, chopped 
1 lime, sliced

Puncture sweet potatoes several times with a fork, wrap in foil, and bake at 400* for 40 minutes.  Let cool on wire rack for 10 minutes.  Slice potatoes in half length-wise and squeeze to open them. 
Mix cooked corn and black beans together in bowl with 1 tbsp chopped cilantro.  Spoon mixture by 1/4 cup into potato.  Top with salsa, cheese, chopped avocado, and squeezed lime wedge.  Enjoy!  
(We've also made these stuffed with shredded chicken or ground turkey seasoned with chili powder and cumin and they turn out great too!)

For 21 Day Fix/Fix Extreme: 
1.5 yellow
1 blue
1/4 red
1/4 purple 

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